Saturday, December 31, 2011

How Wisdom Gave Wit & Whim Indigestion.

12:48 AM Posted by Patrick 2 comments
I think that college has come very close to teaching me a very bad lesson. In academic writing everything must be significant, analytical, and structured. The only topics worthy of attention are "serious" topics; the kind one spends countless hours researching, and agonizes about how best to present them. In short, you begin to confuse yourself into thinking that writing can only be worthwhile if it is well thought and pertinent to the plights of mankind. Poison.

I have written some excellent papers, thank you very much, but I like best the silly things that I have written for the sake of writing; for the love of a good phrase, and the simple joy that comes from using words well.

This is such an easy thing to lose sight of, and it is coming back into focus, and has been these last couple weeks. The difference is that I have been reading again, not purely for knowledge, or for an assignment, but for a story. I have a book full of clever little sayings about books, taken from men who wrote books. There is one in particular I enjoyed which was to the effect that reading a book is like making a friend, and that rereading a favourite is like meeting an old friend after a long absence.

I was feeling more than a little somber toward the end of last semester; heavy doses of philosophy and history--wholly undiluted--makes poor medicine for one such as me. The outlook is not good people but I digress. Let us not go down that road.

It is from this darkness that my friends are rescuing me, and I am afraid to say that there is something in me my paper friends can heal, where my flesh and blood friends cannot touch. Things (objectified people) like Evan and the Shewoof are also helpful, but the other cure is specific to the ill. I feel more myself, and work does not seem the same interminable chore that it really is--no joke. To this end, I actually have been in relative good humor at work--smiley, etc--despite needing to fold 800,000 dress shirts a shift.

I am definitely going to need to keep pleasure reading in my schedule for next semester. I think this last semester, with its piles of very important reading nearly made me, prematurely, into an old man. But no, I am too young--and beautiful--to be old, so I will read novels.

Yes, I know you are all terribly bereft, but I like me better when I'm not trying to be profound.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


6:54 PM Posted by Patrick 3 comments
Beg pardon, but all the campaign related nonsense that is floating around right now has me snarky. There is almost certainly negativity to follow. Godspeed.

I don't think I want to vote for any of the Presidential candidates. The Republican selection is the absolute scrapings of the barrel--wholly unappetizing. But the present POTUS, with his weekly promises to act (in lieu of laws allowing him to act) as he desires, will probably drive me to vote for one of them.

I will not vote for Perry, Paul, Bachmann, Huntsman, or, most likely--it pains me to say--Gingrich.

Perry is an idiot savant. I don't care how effectively you balanced the budget of your state; I do not desire a President whom I feel a burning desire to muzzle every time he gets up to read his next list of ill considered remarks. On top of that, his particular brand of Christianity makes me bristle. Give me a nice staid catholic or something; not an ecstatic.

Ron Paul. It's funny to watch his followers lick their chops after they say his name, much like I imagine Grishnakh doing after he mentions the Nazgul; kind of savoring the taste of the name. Ron Paul campaigns tend to run like Nazgul campaigns; lots of men get attacked, and if one did not bother to read the appendices, then one might believe that the attack was the whole substance and purpose of his campaign. Paul has no apparent understanding of compromise, and even less of dignity.

Bachmann and Huntsman, thankfully, are well out of the running at this point. I think both--perhaps in childhood?--contracted the same disease as Perry resulting in diarrhea of the mouth.

And my dear, my very dear, Newt. He's like some sort of ADHD leprechaun; pointed in every direction at once and seemingly always purposing mischief. The man cannot hold a position for longer than 20 minutes, and then goes on to hold the opposite position next. Sure, I like his books. I like that he has cleverness and charisma; that he does not have the same hoof-in-mouth syndrome that so many of his peers display. I think he has more than enough promise to win the presidential election, and then proceed to total the Republican party...again. The one constant with Newt is his Ego: omnipresent and powerful.

The thing that sucks...if it comes down to one of them versus Obama; I will have to vote for him/*gulp* her. Lunacy, viciousness, and mediocrity are preferable, in so far as their personifications are less likely--I believe--to abuse executive power and act in a manner that usurps the power of Congress. A substandard piece that fits its place in the machine is better than the piece that believes it is a machine unto itself, damaging the machine by its action. This is called compromise. I might have to forgo ideological purity in order to move away from a greater evil.

Though I still refuse to rule out a miraculous showing from the Petersen Party.