Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cranky Overflow

10:31 PM Posted by Patrick 1 comment
My recent inability to get a job has been gnawing at me, like some small and exceedingly pugnacious animal. I think a large part of this stems from my knowledge that I wasted two years when I should have been looking for a job. Before the recession my inexperience would have meant little to the job seeking process; everyone was hiring. Now, instead of having the previous work experience that companies desire, I have never held an hourly job and have no way to separate myself from the teeming masses. If I could get to an interview I might stand a chance.

There is definite guilt present; this is all a result of my laziness and procrastination in prior years. I was remiss before, and now, when I really need it, I am unable to obtain gainful employment. Couple this with my current dissatisfaction with political realities and my general antipathy toward a sizable portion of people my age, and you get a stereotype a la Despair or the Onion; a disaffected and moody college student.

Oh, wait, add to the above the fact that I cannot win the weed battle in the garden. I have spent hours, enough time to sunburn my leathery, suntan lotion-coated, hide+ extra hours with shirt. There are still forests--FORESTS!--of weeds. Even my favourite tasks are turning futile. On top of that--oh yes, there's more!!--I have major writers block. I keep sitting down to write, but I never, usually (as any poor person reading this might have qualified), get more than a paragraph down.

And our water is salted and I can't seem to get hydrated while at home.

On the bright side, I have a tan, am not such a dangerous driver anymore, and have been doing plenty of German. I think I need to start going to ultimate frisbee; the exertion would be a good thing.

Sorry about all the whining, but I'm just tightly wound and cranky tonight. ;-p

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  1. Huh. Yeah... my problem is I give up as soon as I see that they are asking about your previous job experience. Not cool.