Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Say Instead...

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The entire theory of my Communication text-book is that the self is impermanent and infinitely malleable, and a function of action and circumstance.

The self, the ego. There is no mistaking the term they are using; the word is soul. Effectively, doing it quietly, this book flies right in the face of foundational western philosophy. The reason found in the Greeks for pursuing reason is because it is the good of soul. They are the same word, which word I would write if blogger allowed Greek characters.

Self is the immortal part of man, the part closest to the gods. It is because the self is immortal that reason--the good of the soul--is considered the highest pursuit. In reason man comes closest to immortality.

I need hardly say that Jewish and Christian thought hold the self to be immortal.

So I, though it may mean little, cannot really countenance saying that the self is a process. Personality is a process, but the self is not wholly our own. I tend to take that "you are mine" rather seriously.


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