Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And on the Second Day...

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...Learned he many useless things, but he was on the clock, and it was good.

I learned--from a small cadre of utility team members--that my coming was long foretold. I am apparently expected to cast a couple of obnoxious co-workers into my shadow, even into the outer darkness thereof. Apparently my future division is home to a couple blockheads who don't like actual work, and who feel that utility should do some of their work. Utility, in the common tongue, translates to Winston. Funny.

I had more time and better opportunity to get the measure of some of my future co-workers today. I've been back behind the closed doors of the training area this whole time, so when my lunch break came around, I slunk out through a side exit and came back in and played customer. Some of my fellow employees were incredibly friendly, much better than the peops in the training videos (gag me with a serrated pitck-fork). There were others, however, that had guessed my secret; they knew that I would, in fact, be irresistibly compelled to go for their throats if they made eye contact with me. Very clever of them to avoid such a catastrophe.

I'm afraid that it was a complete mess later when I did the secret shop. I wandered around for ten minutes without getting an offer of help. I finally found a guy in the Men's department and made an attempt to get his attention. Finally, I began walking up behind him. As I got closer, he turned around and made eye contact....



The cash registers are a different species entirely, especially when they are malfunctioning and your instructions don't actually work. I did fine none-the-less.


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