Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Mall: a Scary Place.

12:50 PM Posted by Patrick 2 comments
It is a sad fact that I have neglected this blog, in spite of having some excellent ammunition thrown my way. I start to blog and just feel no motivation to finish.

The simple circumstances of my life have undergone only one major change, and that is the fact that I will be employed at JCPenny's by the end of the week. The interviews went swimmingly and met with nothing but dazzling smiles, at least, until I met with the area manager. She was one of those people who exudes cold confidence--think Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada"--and shows no sign of what she is thinking; she, too, in the end gave me a dazzling smile. So, barring a felony or two on my record, I will be in the men's department in a few short days.

On another note, I have forgotten how to hula-hoop; this must be rectified.

Because of these interviews I spent an unusually long span of time in the mall, which experience was harrowing, to say the least. I could not help but notice all of the grotesquely young, unwed, and practically unclothed mothers who were walking around with an armful of illegitimacy. What really bugged me were the few of them whose illegitimates did not have any real clothing on; that is, only a diaper. There might be a certain maternal instinct that exists, but it is no comparison to experience and wisdom. I don't think anyone is ever completely ready for a child, but some people are more naturally suited and others more prepared. I cannot believe that those 15-16-17 year-old mothers with unclothed children were prepared, and I sort of doubt that they have sought good council from those who are...I wonder if they have anywhere they could go for such council.

I just found it all depressing. Maybe I am wrong; they might have been exceptionally well prepared, with only appearances against them. I doubt it. I wonder what kind of life those children will live. In what will they place value? Will they grow up to be good citizens? Will they grow up to be good parents? I hope and pray that they will.

I learned something else in that mall. Store clerks practically drool when you enter their stores in a suit. They follow you, are obnoxiously solicitous, and practically bow as they shuffle away. I was practically dragged into one of the jewelry stores to examine their fine display of gentlemen's watches.

The other shoppers also treat you differently. The old men greet you and ask you how you are; the young men stare at something fascinating, which apparently resides just over your left shoulder; the women smile; and I am always addressed as "Sir," which is really funny...I admit, I like sir; it is a lot better than the normal "you," or, "hey."

I think this is good for now. I can blog more later, as it seems that my desrie to blog only gets stronger as I blog more.


  1. i have 3: my comment concerning the 'mothers' the only bit i have to say is don't be too quick to judge. you don't know their life or their circumstances. 2:I used to work at the Dairy Queen - Orange Julius in Glenbrook (i'm assuming that's where you are speaking of) so i understand all of those observations. 1: just as you were making assumptions about the mothers, im sure many were making assumptions about you in the suit.

    p.s. i'm h=genuinely trying not to belittle you are sound like a prick. i just don't appreciate people judging others. just think next time.

    p.s.s. can't wait for next semester!

  2. Ah, no worries; it becomes most boring if my whining goes unchallenged.

    Assumptions, stereotypes, and conjecture are all part of the process of observation. My dear Com prof was very fond of telling me that everything we do is a form of communication. Our clothes, posture, attitude, everything is parted of a message is which we wrap ourselves. We send a constant stream of intentional and accidental messages.

    Some people standing in line for coffee--or just about anything--will talk to you, and I have a knack for knowing which ones will. This provides me some primary insight into different personalities and situations.

    As I said above, I know nothing concrete about the situations of the individuals mentioned, but I play the odds and reason according to my experience. I hope that all of my reasoning is wrong, but I also hope that such a hope should not be necessary.

    On the judgment...I hope to see you soon and talk to you about this in person; It'll be fun, trust me. ;-p