Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fellow Employees

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I should note that not all areas of my work are disappointments. The fellow employees are more than decent and my time is normally spent in constant movement.

The suit guys are some of my favorites. Tom is the picture of quiet dignity; Mike is hilarious; Dave is a study in confidence and charisma; and Greg is probably the most positive and friendly person in the store.

In the Mature Men's area the regulars are: Cathy, who is on the quiet side, but polite; Kim H, who is the most competent and useful person in the area; and Kim K, who makes for excellent conversation.

Young Adult's regulars are: Tony, a geek, with whom I feel kinship; Josh...yeah, Josh; Kurtis, who is a wellspring of sexually explicit comebacks; and Kirk, who manages to maintain dignity and be on fire for the lord at the same time, which is to say, unique.

The Floaters including: Me, my favourite person in the store, bar none; Heather, who seems to have Jacqui's disease and begins shivering violently every time we cool the building enough for the metal racks to stop glowing; Amy=energy.

The supervisors: Tabbitha, whom everybody loves. She's nice, but she has a jello spine. Denise is forceful, no bull, and cuts straight to the point. Denise gets things done. Lynn, the head of our department, knows everything. She is remarkably patient with stupidity, but she is not someone to mess with.

LP: Jim is a retired cop. He is quiet, calm, and amazingly unobtrusive; he heads our security side. Gabe the MP. Possibly my favourite besides Winston. He is funny, with a little nerdy, and just a touch of biker dude. Kim, the queen of loss prevention.

Children's: All of them are crazy anorexics who apparently have religious issues with eating fat. I'll take things upstairs for them, but I don't stick around long enough to catch the crazy...Tisha is okay though.

The other Honchos: Joe, my favourite "other honcho" sort of like a taller, preppier, version of my uncle Todd. Deanna, Devil Wears Prada, Streep, kapische. Pat is the person who trained me, and she is pretty decent, but has the air of someone forever tired...might it be because she is in charge of keeping all of our buggy terminals working? Janie is in charge of aesthetics, which means that she is another anorexic, perpetually clad in black leather with boots longer than my legs. Javonte...he really does think he is God's gift to womankind. I actually like him though, at least he knows his captain smooth gig is funny. The Other I know is the manager in training, Jessica, sie ist ein Besserwisser. We're okay, which is a relief, considering that we met when I accidentally created a bunch of work for her.

Enough, there are more, but I am ready to go eat something.

...Which reminds me of my other mother, Winston, threatening to force feed me earlier.

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  1. Hey, I only shiver when it's too cold! I can't help it that my skin is so thin ;-)