Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Place Tongue Firmly in Cheek.

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I always wonder if the fact that I am poking fun at myself comes through, or whether I seem like a little Napoleon. My favourite brand of sarcasm is that of which my target is blissfully unaware, and I hope that my self deprecations are not as stealthy as some of the sarcasm; that is to say, please tell me that people don't actually take my self-aggrandizing hyperbole seriously.

It was something that I began doing with my brothers and Winston some years ago. We would go about listing all of our virtues, getting more ridiculous with each utterance, and then we would finish by congratulating each other on how humble we are.

So, for future notice, when you ask whether I'm doing well in school, or am going to get an A, yada, yada, yada...I hope it is not taken seriously when I answer "Of course," or, "What would you expect?" I spend whole weekends with exam results nibbling at the back of my brain. These answers are actually me just poking fun at myself.

The same can be said of almost any of my other ego-maniacal sayings; I like poking fun at others, and I see no reason not to let myself in on the action. I often feel like I am working an inflated reputation and expectations, whether at work or school; this is just my own little method of laughing at them.


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