Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Wardrobe

10:49 PM Posted by Patrick 2 comments
I love the fall. Brisk temperatures, crisp smells, and dead spiders and wasps. Nature throwing one last opulent soiree before it slides into dormancy. Excellent sleeping weather too, you know.

I can now wear a shirt for hours on end without breaking into a sweat. Better still, I now get to bring out my comfortable and flattering fall wardrobe. Sweaters, turtlenecks, jackets, hmm, yes, fall is good.

Had school today as usual, except that my comp was canceled because my prof had a sick kiddo. Other than that little blip, I think it all went well today. Really need to get my butt into gear with my short story, but inspiration is yet to strike.

Now I just need to slap together a presentation on Fort Leavenworth. That'll be a cinch. An interactive presentation that includes handouts and powerpoint and amuses the wiseguy sergeant. Sgt. Seitz is pretty decent though.


  1. Wholeheartedly I agree with your opening paragraphs; finally the outside-of-doors is a place survivable for more than, say, a slow walk in the shade. Long shirts and light jackets are brought out. The fall wardrobe is by far my favorite; men begin wearing blazers and suits more often; hats come out of hiding; ladies wear much the same things they do during the summer, but with extra jackets and things over-top. Not bulky things, as will be seen in winter. Classy things.

  2. Classy is definitely one of the major trends that regular dress takes when the weather grows colder. I couldn't help but notice that dress on the IPFW campus, since the weather has cooled, has actually been decent on average, even among those who are usually displaying their naval for the public's benefit.