Thursday, September 24, 2009

History Exams: Why They Kill Blog Production.

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I feel much better now that I have my first history exam out of the way. I do not think that I will get better than a B on this exam, but I now know what I'm in for with successive tests and just what I'll need to do. There is a comfort that comes with getting that first experience out of the way. It is not as though I had no time for blogging, it was just the restlessness of an impending challenge that drove me from my blog. Now that I have faced the challenge, have it's measure, I feel that I can really master the next one.

German made more sense today than it has in a week. Suspect coffee and sleep levels may be involved. Will have team do research on this.

Composition...Professor Moore is required to teach grammar during at least one class per semester. It turns out that I am one of a couple people in her class who has used even a single semicolon in their work thus far. I received my first first journal grade that was not a 10/10. At the same time, she also said that my work was creative and unique. The issue was with the complexity of some of my constructs, looking back on my constructs, very true.

Also had good fortune of bumping into the cute witty girl, Stephi, who used to sit next to me in math class. Smile burst spontaneously into existence. Now if only I could manage to find Mike...

Theatre majors are a blast, as always. They are excellent to unwind with between classes. Must be sure to seek these out when I'm not feeling chipper.

All good fun.


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