Monday, December 7, 2009


9:02 AM Posted by Patrick , , 3 comments
I woke up this morning to a morbid reality of taupe and white. The soft pall of white announces this land as dead and covers over all the grass that would try to say different. The flowers wither and everything takes on a stillness. The world is in mourning.

But even as we pass into winter, we do so in the knowledge that spring is coming. Light and color will return to the world. The white pall will be cast aside and the grass and flowers with burst forth more splendid than when last we saw them. Song will return to the air and our mourning will at last be over.

Winter has come. It is not a happy thought.


Be of good cheer.

Spring is coming.


  1. Sheesh, Patch. As though the drive in to work this morning wasn't enough to make me ambivalent about snow, you have to go and write something like this??? I really truly *want* to enjoy it, thanks. ;oP

  2. Doesn't that have the tone and rhythm of one of Pastor's sermons? Just change the content. :)