Wednesday, December 2, 2009


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Basketball, every single class, someone says we should face the IPFW women players. Everyone would then agree that this was crazy talk and that the individual needs be institutionalized. We would be destroyed.

Today, three intrepid teammates and I put that assertion to the test.

I had already been working out since eight, as had the other three, yet we were the only ones from the class who had the energy to play the girls. We were easily the strongest physical specimens. We would have to see how it went.

Playing to fifteen by ones and twos, we took them best two out of three in 2 sets. We went ahead and played the third, but they beat us at that one, partially because it was half-court and cut down on our speed advantage. Still, for not having played basketball in a long time, winning that match against legit college players felt good.

If only I could play as well during class as I did in those matches.

More suspicious free food today. The grilled cheese turned out to be edible. I did not risk the bisque...which really looked very frightening. Company and I ate our food to the mediocre musical stylings of a pair of bearded posers with prerecorded faux-instrumentals. While there I nabbed one of the free t-shirts that they were using to bribe us into voting for homecoming. After that I went to find a corner to hide in and study. Corner was found. Study commenced until idiots with popcorn also found corner. Made a glorious oblique to higher ground, on which high ground study recommenced until time for german.

Beyond silence has blown what little potential it had in my estimation. Poor editing, terrible screenwriting, and acting that was the equal of either, ruined any chance it had of being a decent film. The characters were detestible and the plot went nowhere fast. Not a film I would choose to view again.

MSL was more interesting than usual; this was largely due to the fact that the regular personage of a one Sgt. Seitz was replaced by Cpt. Brittenberg, for whom all attending, aside from my little civilian self, had the utmost fear and respect. A nice guy, told me to call him which recommendation I thought Steve's eyes would come out of his head. Made for good people watching.

And now I have only minutes ago finished with the gastronomical wonders of salmon with goat cheese a bed of fresh greens, wild rice, and wonderfully crisp green beans, baked with a thin coating of olive oil. Beautiful.

Now I am about to go out and grab a brownie and some decaf. Life is good my friends. Life is very good.


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