Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mehr Besser! ;-p

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I think I just met my new favourite professor. Elliot Bartky is awesome. He makes you explain your comments, extensively, makes you own your comments and never shows whether or not he approves. His expression is always one of doubt or skepticism, even when it is about an idea he is presenting. Opinion is not to be seen, and the experience is much better for it. He also has a good sense of humor and an excellent lecture voice, which is bigger for me than you might believe.

My new history professor should be okay, though I don't think she would probably appreciate my thoughts on certain subjects, and certainly would not have enjoyed it if I had called her on something she said during class. Oh well, I will hope for the best.

Dillman, my communication teacher is one for whom I have hope. She, unlike someone in my last semester, believes that this needs to be a creative exercise with as much freedom as possible to run with our ideas. She will have strict requirements on quality and volume, but how we decide and what we decide to present remain entirely at our discretion. She was personable and an excellent conversationalist. We will see how her teaching abilities match up.

I was also pleased to see so many familiar faces in my Political Theory class. I thought there would be a few, but I never imagined that many.

The negative point for the day has something to do with a blackboard attack on my happiness. But more about that later.

Tomorrow I get my hands on some techies...and Seitz.


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