Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Wide Vista of Idiocy

Ah, yes. Computer difficulties already spike my blood pressure, but now they come with these little panels that taunt me. The panels say that they are looking for a solution; I am not deceived. For one thing they never find a solution, usually they make my current situation worse by eating up what little computer function I had left. This is a pretty regular thing, but normally easy to solve.

The reason that I mention the above is because I had a new and remarkably destructive Vista error just a few days ago. Said error set to work and corrupted my administrator profile and cut me off from all of my myriad files and web favourites. I spent most of the day muttering dark imprecations against windows and those whose minds devised it.

After much impotent wrath had been expended, I decided to set to the problem and see if I could do something. Several hours later I had a new profile and, having saved my papers and other important documents, I set to the recreation of my internet favourites...which is still going on.

It is moments like these where I must concede victory to the infernal Mac nerds, from behind whose, half inch, bullet-proofed, black-rimmed, glasses comes much smug wisdom. Their computer is superior to mine, as is their knowledge of Starcraft, Jedi rituals, Star trek, and Final Fantasy. Oh, oh, woe is me. ;-p

Seriously. As long as the glasses and Klingon word stems aren't required for mac users, I might have to consider a mac. Vista is the strongest advertisement for mac; none stronger.


  1. Thanksyouverymuch, but this Mac nerd knows NOTHING of Starcraft or Final Fantasy, very little about Jedi hoo-doo, and just enough about Star Trek to know that Picard is way cooler than Kirk.

  2. Notice, all you quiet watchers, that she says nothing about Klingon vocabulary, the signature glasses, and smug wisdom.

    Then again, your glasses are distinctly Garofalo. ;-p

  3. Ooops, I missed the Klingon slam. To be clear, I categorically deny any knowledge of Klingon grammar. (Elvish, now....)

    My glasses take umbrage at you defamatory characterization. They are classy and feminine, neither of which applies to Garofalo.

  4. Yeah. I'm not about to forget where 'Gaurgwath' came from, am I?

    Smug Wisdom? Answer that, if you dare.