Thursday, March 4, 2010


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Freedom, life, fresh air, springyness!

IPFW was ready for spring. My classes were almost empty, my professors were in a genial mood, the student body wasn't nearly so banal, and I actually received a smile for each that I gave out.

History was history. I cannot agree with many of Erickson's views, but there is no denying that she is an excellent teacher and that she has the style to keep things interesting. The surprise came at the end when I figured out that I wouldn't be receiving my paper back least, not if I consented to her to making copies of it. I picked it up this afternoon, and was not surprised to see that it was an A. Encouraging.

My MC&F exam was easy; it does not really deserve more mention.

Frau Schulz was in a glowing good mood. She spoke animatedly about the various draconian punishments which should be administered to the lazy bums who weren't there today. All this time she was sporting a massive grin. I averted any ire over missing yesterday because today I demonstrated that I spent yesterday learning almost all the vocab perfectly...on top of that my pronunciation was stellar today.

On the not so happy side, I am reasonably sure that certain classmates are now long dead and never to be seen again. So sad.

Oh well.

Cake and grief counseling will be available, I am quite sure.


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