Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Begin and End

6:24 PM Posted by Patrick 2 comments

I just finished dressing my soccer metaphor in such a way that it might be easily metabolized by a younger audience, and I am not allowed to prepare it for the young people I know. I need to aim at the average. It's like trying to hunt an animal I have never seen before. I do not know what it looks like, but I am supposed to shoot one. The result is me stumbling around in an intellectual forest, firing at random into the foliage. Eventually I managed to hit something. I like it less than the work I captured alive, but it should be age appropriate. We can't have the children handling anything with life left in it.

Thankfully, this should be the last piece on which I am required to rein in my vocabulary and sentence structure. After I hand this paper in, I am going to have to get medieval to make up for lost complexity.

Tomorrow I meet with my partner to begin work on my ROTC presentation. We have to put together a short report on Fort Leavenworth. Our presentation needs to have a handout and powerpoint presentation to go with it. The grade will be totally arbitrary, based entirely on Sgt. Seitz preference. This should be fun. At least we have an interesting topic to work with.

It really is a pity that fall break must end tomorrow.


  1. Rein in. Like a horse. Not reign.
    Bwahahaha! Homeschool Spelling Mom strikes again!