Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Drink A Little Champagne, Champagne...

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Tonight we attended a most excellent Daughtry concert. It began with a trip across town to grab Emma, from which point we proceeded to the Coliseum. Walking through the parking lot I caught an odd and unpleasant perfume, my untrained nostrils did not recognize it for the marijuana that it was. Thank goodness I had family there to clear up that mystery. Once we made it into the Coliseum proper I had some proper time to observe--mentally eviscerate--the patrons, who were in their most horrid garb. Lot's of tight clothing.

Nothing terribly amusing presented itself for my pleasure until the advent of a fat, incredibly genial, and somewhat inebriated man who was, at least for a moment, to be my neighbor to the left. He immediately introduced himself, his group, and launched into conversation. After some ten minutes of conversation, and upon finding out that my last concert had been a rush concert, he was decided that I was infinitely better for his daughter than her current boyfriend. Apparently the boyfriend was one of those football players who "you can't trust". He then launched into his experience in the military. Our final topic, before he his group went off in quest of better seats, gave me a strong idea of exactly how he intended to spend the rest of his evening. Most diverting.

And I haven't even got to the music yet.

The opening act was Cavo. Like both of the warm-up acts, Cavo is Alternative rock. The lead singer(Looked like Nicholas from Project Runway) was seriously emo and kept bending over like he had either been punched in the gut, or else heaving and vomiting. The guitarist was anemic and unimpressive; his play only deserved notice on one of the songs, barely. The drummer was halfway decent, nothing terribly complicated, but he had a lot of energy. But none of them came close to matching the bassist. The bassist was about a foot shorter than any of the other band members, but he was incredibly muscular and was all over the place. Watching that man without sound would have been interesting. Then you hear the complex sound he is churning out. The man had a base solo and several other places where he was the only thing in the band that could be described as excellent. I had to chuckle when the lead singer curled into the fetal position at the end of the last song. "Drink a Little Chapagne, Champagne. Do a Little Cocaine, Cocaine..." Priceless. ;-p

Next came Theory of a Deadman. I'll try to keep my commentary shorter this time. Better than Cavo musically, but with nothing like the same amount of energy. Their drummer is capable of quite a bit, and he only got to cut loose once during the whole act. On top of that, the lead singer did not sound his best. Decent overall, but it could have been a lot better.

And then we get to Daughtry. Primo. Daughtry has a powerful voice and, as the edgy warm-up acts might have indicated, had all of the songs pumped up to hard rock status. Between the guitar solos, points where there were as many as four guitarists, the intricate and throbbing bass-work, and the excellent lightshow and pyrotechnics, it made for a most excellent show. All of the old songs from his previous album had their music updated to match the skill of his new, and superior, band.

And I am too tired to write anymore...which was the whole point of my writing this blog post. I can now sleep.

I am well pleased with my use of this evening.


  1. Anemic. With an "a".

    And you forgot to mention that you thought the pot smell was coming from your sister. "What's that perfume? Is that you? Oh, no, it's coming from over there...."

    And I would like, once more, to express my glee at 1) the striking resemblance between a a self-loathing alternative rocker and a self-obsessed feather-trailing sailor-boy Project Runway queen and 2) my little brother being so cool as to know both Project Runway AND rock music.

  2. Yes. It makes a mother proud. ;)