Monday, October 12, 2009

Eleven and One Half

11:13 AM Posted by Patrick 3 comments
Yesterday was spent in the company of family at Mounds State Park. Aside from the obligatory trip to the emergency room, all went very nicely. Cooking over an open fire, slowly assuming the same aroma as said fire, and hiking in the woods definitely all count as good fun.

Today, however, I am back to drudgery. It's almost all writing that I have and the greatest task is not actually from one of my college professors. My short story requires something that I really need work on, Dialog.

Also, I am concerned about the format of book discussion. This concern came about as I was doing my English midterm. Part of the midterm was an essay form self examination and an examination of the way the class is going in general. In comparing large and small group discussion, it hit me that all insightful/useful commentary that I hear is from the small discussion. People are much more likely to venture a criticism or strong opinion when in a smaller group. Book discussion has ballooned and lost a bit of its edge. I'm going to have to see if I can find a way to counteract this.

And now I need to revise my Metaphor paper. The issue is that I am supposed to make my revisions based on the comments of my peers. My peers, while giving me two thumbs up across the board, were also totally contradictory of each other in the parts that were their favourites/least favourites. All I need to do -according to my peers- is simplify my vocabulary, but make sure it doesn't impair my descriptions, and make it shorter overall, but add more info about several aspects. I think I'll stick to using my prof's suggestions when revising.

At least I'm working on Eleven and One Half Hours Sleep.


  1. Hmmm, ways to increase participation at book discussion....

    You could require that everyone prepare a comment or question for the beginning of the discussion, and then stand over them, doing your best "Grand Inquisitor" impression while they each share their thoughts.

  2. "You have one chance to share your opinion with the group. Give us a comment, ask a question, or— you have two chances to share your opinion with the group. Give us a comment, ask a question, or relate your favorite part of— three, you have three chances to share your opinion with the group."

  3. *belly laugh*

    I made that decree at my last discussion Shewoof. I hope that everyone is bringing at least one comment.

    I didn't realize I would be able to make it to the last book discussion, so I didn't read screwtape. This rendered me ineffective as a honcho of discussion, which wouldn't have been that bad had it not been for the fact that all eyes turned my direction whenever they were flagging.