Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do You Really Want To Know What I Think...

9:11 AM Posted by Patrick 2 comments
When working on joint project, it is wise to check email more than once every three days, lest your partner beat you and leave you in the downstairs janitorial closet of the Classroom Medical Building. - Ancient Proverb

I do not like joint projects.

I also had all my hopes for an interesting content for the duration of my comp class shattered, annihilated. My poor hopes, already pitted and scored from agonizing boredom in a class where I was learning little, have been murdered by the mocking notice on which my choices for research topic were penned. More navel gazing and evaluation of my education experience at IPFW...I AM NOT AT COLLEGE TO TELL THEM HOW THEY ARE DOING.


You can imagine my distress when I received this directive. The High Command must be crazy. I stare out at the vast intellectual wasteland of self-obsession and gratification, and I can only shake my head. I was excited to get the topic choices for this paper, we would finally--I thought-- be getting into something serious. Maybe political philosophy. Perhaps a current events topic? Even historical events in Belarus. Anything. Anything but more of this.

On a happy note. German is, like, totally, like, awesome. That is the class I most look forward to.

Have to meet with my AWOL partner before class today, run through our presentation with him. I'll post later on how that goes.

Now I'm getting back to work.


  1. You're only allowed to tell them how they're doing at the end of the semester, when they hand out these nice little things called "evaluations." The good professors may be given kudos and the bad professors may be verbally shredded. And they swear that they take them seriously. Just you wait....

  2. *I* got a mid-term eval paper. So fun. And yay joint projects! I had one in German last week. Gag.