Tuesday, November 24, 2009

An Excellent Experience

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Today started well. By well, I mean after 7:00. I spent this morning making one last pass over the homework I finished last night. All was well on that front. I spent what was left of the morning listening to my music too loud and messing with the Dogmeat. A most gratifying use of my time.

One negative thing. Pandora has instated a maximum on the number of hours you can listen for free. You can imagine my consternation when my music stopped playing and I found a message from the creators trying to shake me down. The issue is that there is nothing to shake out. I am going to have to find another method for augmenting my music supply.

H'anyway. German was excellent today, as always, and we ended by filling out our evaluations. Dr.Roberts is getting some excellent reviews. The group is really great. We have no whiners, and the few who have whiner potential are smart enough that they have nothing to whine about. Lee is, in my humble and correct opinion, an excellent teacher and makes the subject matter very clear. Our evaluations had places for commentary, which I made sparing use of. However, while I was evaluating a problem occured to me. I will deal with that problem later this post.

After German I went down to the bookstore to buy a new folder for my Comp class. As I was on the way over I bumped into G and talked to him for a while. I might introduce G later, he is one of the amusing characters that decorates my days on campus. Back to the day, I hurried to make it to comp on time only to sit and wait for the late teacher. No problem though, I had history reading to catch up on (this will be big later). This class was actually sort of fun. We were working with logical fallacy and how to avoid it. A whole class devoted to devising and shooting down logical fallacy felt more like games than class. Prof also told me after class that I my quiz points were high enough that all future points on the quizzes would count toward extra credit for me. On receiving that news I really did mean it when I wished her a Happy Thanksgiving.

This is where things got interesting. I finished my history reading, taking my time, being thorough. I then headed over to my history class and got there five minutes early. But no one was there. I was puzzled. Usually there are 5-10 people outside at least ten minutes before class. Maybe a Whim got them? I spent the next five minutes talking to Kathy, the tech lady, about where everyone could be. Professor Weiner walked in about two minutes later. He was as shocked as I was. In a class of twenty-two people, there was only one student to be found. Thank God it was the brilliant one. ;-p

The history class that followed was the best yet. It consisted of a fluid back-and-forth between Weiner and I. It was practically a private lesson. I got an hour and fifteen minutes of personal instruction. Not bad, trust me. It also showed just what classes might be like without the gimping limitations of people who don't study and don't care. We covered all the planned subject matter in record time, partially because I didn't feel the need to muzzle myself on the questions and was able to answer them outright, without any of the customary pregnant pauses to allow my classmates a chance to say something. I also had the pleasure of covering the subject matter in much greater depth and with more attention to theory and and possible ramifications; I even got to indulge in that most delicious delight of historians: speculation.

Now the issue. This class is not going to be kind to Weiner in their evaluations. This is largely because he is not an easy grader and most of them are not the types to work for the grade. Often times I will be one of two or three people who even speaks during class and perhaps the one of two who knows, or cares to know, the subject matter. So when I listen to the floozie behind me talking about how unfairly he grades her, I cannot help but think on the fact that she texts throughout the whole class, never reads any of the material, and has been asked to leave twice for actually talking on the phone during class. Most of my classmates whine about him. Most of them also neglect the work. I used the commentary section sparingly for Roberts. I think I am going to have to use some counter-class commentary in this evaluation. Weiner is good, better when he gets interaction. He is just working with a really lazy and history-retarded group. I already know how they will comment on Weiner and it will not be generous; they are not generous people, as sitting with them for 10-15 before class has tought me. Not that they would presume to go after me, the one person who tried tasted the swift and mighty lash of my ascerbic wit, but they usually spend that time nagging and griping and making fun of the staff. I am going to have to tear them to pieces in my own evaluation. Might not make any difference, but it will help assuage my own anger at their unjust complaints and constant slacking.

Now it is thanksgiving break and I can rest.

...I wonder how Moore's evaluation will play? I must reflect on this....



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