Friday, November 6, 2009

Blinded to That Which They Saw So Clearly

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When I got into the Shewoof's car yesterday evening, I was greeted by the usually chipper and irreverent Roe Conn. However, his tone was not what I was used to. That is because he was talking about the shooting at Fort Hood. I was not shocked, later, when I found out that the shooters name was Nidal Malik Hassan; I had expected something along those lines. Mr. Conn apparently made roughly the same connection, which does not really surprise me. The connection isn't too hard when the shooter screamed "allahu akbar" as he shots his victims.

But the members of the American media are now going out of their way to keep Islamic extremism out of the picture. I was amused by how the New York times was explaining it. Just go to their website and search "Fort hood." Compassion Fatigue and Pre-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are the early diagnoses given by the American media. His shouts of "allahu akbar" obviously had nothing to do with it. The fact that he had been handing out Korans the day before the shooting could not have been related. That he had previously listed his nationality as Palastinian, despite the fact he is an American citizen, is not a valid clue. His comments on websites calling suicide bombers "noble" and saying that "Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor" are not indicators. This is clearly just a case of a man under too much internal pressure.

If a man wearing a sheet walked into an NAACP outpost on Martin Luther King's birthday and opened you think we would be talking about "Pre-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder"?

The adherence to the politically correct dogma to the exclusion of common sense is dangerous, stupid, and costs innocent lives. He raised a bunch of red flags on the way to this massacre, but nobody wanted to get sent for sensitivity training. They closed their eyes so they would not have to see it.


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