Monday, November 30, 2009

A Redirection of Frustration Based on Recent Research and a Notice Which Reeked of Hypocrisy.

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This evening I got on blackboard and received a notice and while I did not disagree with some of the content therein, it delivered the content in a rather pernicious manner and included ad hominem traits. This was posted by the same person who was talking about the evils of ad hominem argument when last I saw her.

These university people are just as arbitrary and reactionary as any of the undergrads they deal with.

While I was mentally eviscerating the duality in this situation a thought struck me. In a whirlwind of ADD perfection--a constant flood of totally disconnected and random thought made whole--details of my research were brought to the forefront of my mind and the realization of the arbitrariness of the system permeated my thoughts, conveniently connecting it all in a twisted web of fuzzy logic.

Thinking forward to some of the general ed requirements that I must complete, I feel a new sympathy for the poor saps who consider themselves stuck in my history class. The vast majority have no real interest in the subject, they are there for a check mark; they must have this check mark. Never mind if it is the same history that they had in highschool. Never mind that they will not retain any of it. Force them to do it. It is our way, and our way is best. Sure, the talking and texting in class may be a bit much, but I am coming to believe that such is the natural byproduct of administrational idiocy.

With this in mind, I think I could even forgive Susan and the monosylabic troll that sits next to her. 'Cause I'm just such a kind-hearted soul.


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