Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello Up There.

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I have recently begun playing basketball on Monday and Wednesday mornings before class, an activity for which they give me credit. Hooray for me. Basketball is a sport I have always enjoyed. However, there is an issue! My head would fit nicely beneath the armpits of several of the other gentlemen on the court. Easily. Not only do these players dwarf me, they also have lots of highschool basketball experience. I am going to need to develop some solutions to this kicking shins when the boss isn't looking. At least I like my team that I'm set with.

These pre-dawn wake-ups are threatening to steal what little is left of my sanity. I think they are conpiring with The Moore.

Today, this morning, I did something totally uncharacteristic. I went out of my way to avoid the people I know. I was tired , cranky, and in no mood to talk to anyone. I just wanted a massive cup of coffee -a massive caraf!- and a note saying my comp teacher recanted her intention to have us put our bibliographies together a month in advance of actually writing our research paper. At least I had a minor epiphany on that front and discovered that I had been approaching the issue the wrong way. It now makes more sense and fits with the other info I have. Strange though it may seem, my revelation began when I was reading the New York Times. Scary, yes-no?

I also spent this afternoon reminding myself why I so hate tennis shoe shopping. They are all garish, they take forever to break in, and they are too light and have none of the substance and balance of a leather shoe. I think I probably will never be happy with any pair of Tennis shoes. I really just want a pair of tastefully understated, hand-sewn leather, tennis shoes. Is that too much?

And now I'm bored with writing for now. I'll write something tomorrow, maybe.


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