Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bat Country

2:21 PM Posted by Patrick 3 comments
It's a gorgeous day out and my short-military short-hair feels most excellent in the breeze. I might miss the old stuff at some point, but not right now. Now I am enjoying that incredible, light, floaty, feeling that comes on the heels of losing half a pound of weight off my head.

Have you ever had a really annoying and catchy song stuck, really, really, stuck, in your head? I will assume the answer is yes and then I will tell you that for me, today, that song is Bat Country. I do not even get the pleasure of having the guitar solo stuck in my head. No, i have the odd and quirky and completely weird chorus bouncing around my cranium.

Also, German was canceled today, so I ordered a bunch of stuff from IUCAT...It's totally free. I will now make it my mission in life to make sure the people down at the IU library have something to do all the time. I started with about 10 books today, tomorrow, who knows. ;-p

And now I need to get ready for comp. Shouldn't be bad.


  1. Sure, rub it in, Mr. "Looks like a member of a dangerous paramilitary organization out enjoying the sunshine while his sister festers in an office".

    Also, since I'm in a crabby, fresh-air-deprived and vitriolic mood, I must note that it is no surprise that you have "short-military" short-hair.

    Love you, Bro.

  2. CANCELLED GERMAN???!!! You will pay for this. Being so mean to Bethany and I.

  3. I wasn't quite eligible for the super short-military short-haircut. The cutoff for that one is 5'7.