Monday, November 30, 2009

Head, Hip, and Hardcourt.

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Days that begin in total darkness are always so very long.

The greatest evil that comes of working out and playing basketball at ungodly hours of the morning is that I have very recently imbibed large amounts of caffeine. Anyone who has tried this knows why it is not a good idea. The near impossibility of staying hydrated, coupled with the acidic substance in an empty belly, does not make for the most comfortable exercise. Don't get me wrong, this is not an excuse to slack. The old soccer rule still stands, I keep running until I am pulled off by coach or carried off by stretcher. But it certainly doesn't help matters, especially with the increasing violence and intensity of our morning matches.

Today we were outnumbered, out sized, and--to be truthful--had a definite talent disparity; this is what happens when both of your best shooters are AWOL. As the smallest, and gutsiest, member of our team it is my job to collect all the rebounds and elbows, which I do beautifully. I have come to the conclusion that I have an abnormally thick skull. While there has been other, more pedestrian moments that would lead me to believe it is so; it is my soccer and basketball experiences that make it certain. Even when I used to take soccer balls to the face I would just shake it off and keep going. In Basketball, a world where everyone is at least three inches taller than me, I often receive cracks on the head from hands, elbows, balled fists, black jacks, crowbars, etc. Today it was the flying tackle maneuver, delivered by a hideous little bulldog of a youth, which sent me plummeting to the jagged floor below, perfectly horizontal. Oddly enough, the crash that echoed round the gym did not even hurt on my end. I can't decide whether it is my stretching that does it? Maybe it's just the stock from which I am derived.

I saw G today. He will be back with us on Wednesday; then we will take everyone to task.


Writing center was a fine little waste of time today. I go in, receive a bunch of head nodding and general approval from someone who does not understand "integral" or "espouse." I babbled politely over the little nothings of the world and IPFW, ate up the last fifteen minutes of my appointment time in decent company. A pleasant person, but certainly not a writer who should be teaching writing. She did not spot many of the problems that I had mentally outlined myself. At least she was a good conversationalist. Natalie and Craig were out in the main waiting area when I got out, that was very pleasant, especially since Craig had just brewed a new pot of coffee from his own stash. Some people radiate intelligence and humor; Craig and Natalie fit in this group.

Meanwhile, in front of the tech building...

They had turkey legs on campus today. What kind of turkeys those legs once belonged to, I know not. It is my belief, however, that the IPFW science department managed some sort of turkey-dinosaur hybrid. Needless to say it was, as most free lunches are, not without a catch. They did not want us to give blood, sign a petition, take a survey, or make a "pinwheel for peace." They did not even foist the usual safe sex tracts on us. It took me awhile to figure out their scheme, but I did. It was part of a massive project to remove carbon from the air. The collected carbon is usually difficult to dispose of, so this time they condesed it to turkey leg shapes and fed to a bunch of college students...who will eat anything if it is free.

At least the brief pause that I took to eat led to some decent company.

I think I did well in the German exam. The good part of having this exam done is that it, along with my research paper, represented the last major tasks before Finals. I now have to weeks to shore up knowledge I possess, which is a nice change from the constant induction of new material to my poor little grey cells.

Tomorrow is my longest school day, though it should be nothing compared to Friday-Saturday-Sunday of last week. Perspective makes these days easier with every repetition. Much like an hour and a half in the car felt longer only five years ago. I think we develop an easy poise in the way we deal with the mundane...that, or we react like nutters. At least I seem to obtain more poise. Maybe I'm just delusional.

Yeah, my mind is now wandering. It is time to stop.


  1. Patrick, I have to say, you write regularly like I write when I am doing poetry… I think this is the leading cause to my bafflement. oh, and I loved the part about the basketball, and your thick skull. By the by, how's the noggin?

  2. The Noggin is intact and plotting its revenge on the hideous little bulldog.

    And, oddly enough, when I try to improve my terrible handwriting, I do so by writing in rhyme or verse. No one will ever see any of this, but it exists.

  3. "The collected carbon is usually difficult to dispose of, so this time they condensed it to turkey leg shapes and fed to a bunch of college students...who will eat anything if it is free."

    Having a bit of a Bill Bryson moment, are we?