Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Frustration.

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Military Science and Leadership-101-class number two.

That is when we dealt, however briefly, with responsibilities in the military chain of command. As a general rule, a commander is directly accountable for every man under his authority. Abu Ghraib was the commander's fault. So also, when you send one of your men back home dead, that is your fault and responsibility as well. A commander should feel every single loss, because they are on him. It is not pretty, but it is something you accept if you choose to command.

Nine months, indecision, and shout-outs. Can anyone tell me what those three have in common? To me they are evidence that our Commander-in-Chief does not understand and comprehend the enormity of his office. Every life that the President of the United States spends is on him. His primary duty has nothing to do with our global image, climate change, health-care, or even diplomacy. Commander is not a title given because the founders thought it sounded cool; it is a charge that should go straight to the soul of the man who holds the office. He is responsible for every man wearing that uniform, and that is his first responsibility.

I am chagrined by the callous and unconcerned attitude which our President has taken. He has actually caused me to miss Bush. I am tired of seeing the President and his never-ending stream of interviews, when he has done nothing about the increasingly more violent and dangerous situation in Afghanistan. Let him first withdraw the troops, or commit sufficient troops to finish the job; then let him speak. I would of course prefer that we did not leave our mideast allies hanging out to dry and the very thought of such action is bitter to me, but it would be worse still to leave American soldiers hanging out to dry.

As I watch the President--right now-- speak about the exciting possibility of the health-care bill, I am wondering when he is going to fulfill his duty to our troops abroad and at home; A duty that does not stop with commanding, but understanding exactly what command really means.


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