Friday, November 20, 2009

And Now It Just Sucks...

10:02 PM Posted by Patrick 2 comments
I have, as a good homeschooler, always been in on the secret that we learn and apply best those things which we enjoy.

Why should I be surprised that my five weeks of preparation on a topic which I did not care for has caused me to loath said topic? I need to be able to accomplish unpleasant tasks quickly. This minute baby step by baby step process that the Moore has put me through has turned this paper from an easy task which I could have realized in a week, to a month and a half torture show of academic coddling and over preparation. This last assignment which made me re-reread part of the textbook and a bunch of my sources, only to make me write another little three page assignment talking about the six to eight page paper. It translated to hours of re-reading for some 25 minutes of writing.

I am reminded of the Pointy-Haired Boss assigning progress reports every fifteen minutes until the engineers catch up on their work.

And I am now exceedingly cranky.


  1. Welcome to Hoop Jumping 101, a.k.a "college." :)

  2. Just keep reminding yourself that this class is ALMOST OVER. Yeah sure, there will be others, but I bet Bepper would tell you that no class she took was worse than Worth's English Comp class. :)