Sunday, November 8, 2009


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This morning I could not sit still for bible study. I ended up wandering into James nearly empty class for the last five minutes of the lesson. James teaches bible study with the zeal of a caffeinated baptist minister. If today was any barometer, I imagine the chilluns are getting a much better Sunday-school education than any normally received by American crumb-crunchers. Next I will have to invade the She-woof's classroom. After all, who is making sure that the teaching is up to Corp standards?

Later, about the time that everyone starts going into church, I realized that I was abandoned and alone. In the course of seeing to the effective deployment of acolytes in our weekly campaign against the forces of darkness, I again missed out on any chance of joining the choir; that, coupled with my mother being ill, reduced me to the sad situation of having to sit by myself. Very sad... Aha! But that was not to be. For some of the magnanimous members of my church family had seen my wretched state and graciously joined me. Crisis averted.

Then, as I left church, I had the rest of a gorgeous sour creme cake foisted upon me. This particular cake is good enough that it tempts me every time I walk through the kitchen; my temptation to submission ratio is about 8:1. And if you had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with said delectable delight, only then would you realize how heroic that number is, especially for a starving artist like me.

Then we--the royal we--spent the rest of the day under the sun, enjoying many sunny pursuits such as, walking, homework on a blanket in back-yard, reading in the sun, and other things that allow for maximal contemplation and minimal physical effort.

After that came barbecued chicken.

And now I am smoking myself in front of a friendly hickory fire, toying with that, little, petite, infinitesimal, absurdly puny, morsel of homework which I have until Tuesday to complete.

My word for the day is ausgezeichnet.


  1. Not "retched", which would be akin to puking. *W*retched.

    And DON'T YOU DARE invade my Sunday School class. Winston already did so. Ask him if you have any concerns. Besides, you'd just sit in the back of the class and smirk at me. Not nice.

    Besides, my Sunday School class is all girls. It has no connection with The Corps.

  2. Thanks. My copy editing on here is minimal.

    Winston invaded, I will have to ask him about that.

    Also. It is only by chance that your class is all female.